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Clouds of Utopia

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Get ready to be steersman of your own flying ship, the "Cloud Chaser" !Help Captain Blimp to bring his catch of the season back home to Utopia.Cover the whole distance to reach your home harbor in Utopia and unload your delicious cotton candy clouds.
But watch out! The sky is full of flying islands! You shouldn't bump into them.And remember Captain Blimps words:"Avoid hitting those birds again. The fluffy guys will make your engines really go crazy if you do."The upcoming storm clouds may be kind of tricky - but what could possibly go wrong?
You little steersman, can you bring the cotton candy clouds safely to Utopia? (Read this out to your kids)
What our youngest players say:
Danny B. "Its so easy to learn and fun to play!"
Kate D. "Cute game i like the cotton candy clouds best."
Sarah L. "My brother couldn't beat level 14 but i made it."
That's waiting for you:
• Easy control gestures, appropriate for children• You get 21 handcrafted levels and even more to come• You get a cute flying ship to be yours• Discover beautiful flying islands, fluffy crazy birds and stormy clouds• Beautiful and colorful graphics appealing to children and their parents as well

• Simply swipe up and down to steer your cute ship• Avoid hitting flying islands: they will let you loose one of your cotton candy clouds.• Avoid hitting a bird: it will invert the controls of your ship for a short moment• Avoid hitting stormclouds: they will make your ship turn arround and let it fly back for some time